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phoenix1238 a posted Dec 26, 16

Welcome! Bleach is back!

We are currently in Beta!

Mob Arena coming this weekend!

10% off (can use twice!) for +1000 1st month + Pho inactivity!

  (Use code: FirstMonth)

Fairy Tail: []


SonGokuss2 hello i just jointed the server and i really like it it reminds me of an really old bleach server which i had a lot of f...
NikkNine uhhh is the server down?
thetrixter101 no mods needed its completely vanilla
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phoenix1238We are choosing staff apps soon, anybody who's application did not include the specific rank they are applying for has been rejected for failing to follow basic instructions
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FallenQuasar   Rest in a thousand pieces
negimafreak101   good luck i hope you pick the best staff!
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